We guarantee the highest cleaning performance and leave nothing to chance. Therefore we do not effect only development and engineering of our systems, but also manufacture, install and test them in our own workshop in Germany.

Best quality of materials and components is a matter of course for us. On account of our certification in keeping with DIN EN ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001 and SCC this applies for our own processes as well, which are subject to permanent control. We attach great importance to work safety and pursue a policy of an accident rate of 0 %.

The advantages for plant operators are evident:

  • maximum cleaning performance, even between finned tubes and in case of multi-layer heat exchangers through nozzle holders:
    • With optimum adaptation to bundle geometry, which guarantee a continously same angle of incidence
    • with a constant feeding, which adapts to the degree of contamination of the heat exchanger
  • No pressing of Schmutzreste into the heat exchangers which result in a compression of the dirt, so that an obstruction of heat transmission as well as hindering air flow from ventilators are avoided
  • Optimally adapted water pressure, which excluded damages on galvanized surfaces and which does not cause folding of the sensitive ribs independent of the material (steel, aluminium, brass, copper, etc.)
  • Maximum environamental protection due to use of water without any additives, that means no pollution by chemical cleaning agents or cleaning foam
  • Safe work without accidents.
  • No plant standstill; the cleaning is carried out “online” during the running production.