1932 Establishment of Jaresch&Wegner as manufacturer of cooling systems for the motor-car industry, steel constructions and blower rings for air-conditioned heat exchanger in the German town of Bochum.
1991 Development and production of the first permanent semi-automatic cleaning system for air-cooled heat interchangers.
1995 Start of the cleaning service business with mobile cleaning teams.
1998 Establishment and bundling of the heat exchanger business to &w Reinigungssysteme für Trockenkühlanlagen GmbH, Bochum, Germany.
2001 Start of the inside tube cleaner (ITC) for heat exchanger tubes.
2004 Establishment of JNW CleaningSolutions RSA (Pty) Ltd, RSA.
2005 Delivery of the 100th Cleaning system.
2007 Establishment of JNW CleaningSolutions SARL, France.
2010 Taleover (Assetdeal) by Kuwaiti German Holding Company, Kuwait, and establishment of JNW CleaningSoilutions GmbH, Bochum, Germany.
2010 Establishment of JNW Italia SRL, Italy.
2011 Delivery of the 250th Cleaning system.
2011 Establishment of JNW Middle East Ltd., Kuwait.
2012 Development and delivery of the first programme-controlled fully-automatic cleaning system.
2015 Development of the fully-integrated programme-controlled fully-automatic cleaning system
2015 Delivery of the 300th Cleaning system.