For all customers who have no own permanently installed cleaning system, HNW Cleaning Solutions will be pleased to take over the cleaning of the air-cooled heat interchangers. We offer a complete cleaning service. The plant operator does not need to do anything, apart from provision of water and current supply. Our service comprises the following package:

  • Service mobile completely fitted among other things with:
    • von JNW CleaningSolutions developed and patented semi-automatic mobile cleaning system for cleaning of different types of air cooled heat exchangers including gear engine for vertical movement of the nozzle holder
    • State of the art HD-nozzle holder technology, especially designed for rib tube geometry
    • HD pump
    • All accessories, such as:
      • C hoses
      • HD hoses
      • Power supply cables

The complete temporary installation and demounting of the mobile cleaning system as well as the whole cleaning of the heat exchangers is effected by our trained and experienced cleaning teams, consisting of two technicians each. As in stationary cleaning systems the mechanical JNW-high pressure cleaning with a mobile system is only operated with water (without additives). The cleaning can be effected Online. Concerning the cleaning power there are no differences between the different cleaning systems.