Increase of output, efficiency and performance by cleaning with JNW CleaningSolutions result in a higher yield by lower costs and increase of productivity.

Cost reduction by JNW CleaningSolutions cleaning through the example of a refinery in Germany:

Improvement of 24 per cent by better efficiency, reduction of the energy costs, reduction of the CO₂ emissions:

Temperatures prior to cleaning:
Inlet: 89.1 deg. C
Outlet: 62.0 deg. C
▲-T: 27.1 deg. C
Temperature after cleaning:
Inlet: 87.6 deg. C
Outlet: 53.9 deg. C
▲-T: 33.7 deg. C

Result: After cleaning by JNW CleaningSolutions half of the fans can be switched off.


Increase of yield by JNW CleaningSolutions cleaning through the example of a 400 MW power plant in the UK:

The power plant is equipped with an air condensator, consisting of six roof of 45 m x 8 m each. The plant run without any interruption whilst cleaning. Only the ventilator was turned off.

The measured turbine pressure amounted before cleaning 130 mbar, after cleaning 100 mbar. The difference of 30 mbar correponds to a turbine power of 3,8 MW. The weekly additional power, which can be achieved by a regular cleaning, is calculated as follows:

3.8 MW x 7 days x 24 h x 75 percent operating time = 478.8 kW

At a sales price of € 45 / MW the is an additional revenue of € 21.546 per week or € 1,120,392 per year.